Late September CAN be a good time to photograph the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde: more temperate weather, less crowds, and fall colors.  However, you need to be aware that (1) most of the tours are not operational after Labor Day, and (2), some parts of the park are closed to visitors as well. (The Balcony House Tour is the only tour available after Labor Day.)

That being said, Mesa Verde is a wonderful place to experience and to photograph.• Balcony House 5918 LR • Balcony House 5920 LR • Balcony House 5948-54 LR • Balcony House 5969-75 LR • Balcony House 6000-6 LR • Balcony House 6022-29 LR • Cliff Palace 6053-61 LR • Mesa Verde Sunset 6238-45 LR • Square Tower House 6101-6 LR • Square Tower House 6107-15 LR • Sun Temple 6208-16 LR • Sun Temple 6217-14 LR • Sun Temple Textures 6225-33 LR